The Society

The Society was founded in 1734 and despite its small territory, the Oxford Society is still going strong today. With approximately fifty active members within the city and many more further afield the Society still provides ringing for Sunday service at the cathedral and other national, parochial and collegiate events. In fact, the OS is in perhaps a unique situation where the ringers are paid for ringing at each of over fifty “paid ringing” occasions throughout the year. Some of these occasions include:

  • College gaudies
  • All Saints’ Day
  • Queen’s Accession Anniversary
  • May Morning
  • Restoration of Charles II

Three organisations still operate within the city: the university society mainly ringing at St Thomas and St Mary Magdalen; the ODG at some city churches and the suburban towers; and the OS providing ringing at the remaining city towers, including the colleges and cathedral.

You can find a little more about the history and other OS events from these pages.